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An advanced social and societal model

Laying the foundations of a model transcending the usual patterns of capitalist societies, NAOS supports its system of governance on a shareholder foundation.

The originality of the model is based on the separation of capital and decision-making power in order to create value and ensure the sustainable development of all NAOS activities in a spirit of loyalty, justice and independence.

This system of governance sanctifies the company, its cause and its raison d’être.

This model allows you to manage two types of activities:

– economic activities through its enterprises,

– generous activities through an endowment fund.



All the missions have for common denominator, the realization of the human potential…

– on the one hand, by promoting the development of social projects enabling the poor and / or suffering to find means of existence and personal fulfillment,

– on the other hand, by allowing the revelation of talents in order to make them fructify for the benefit of a social or artistic work,

– finally, by promoting the development of social projects of general interest in line with dreams of life (individual or collective).



When fostering human potential goes along with taking care of each person, every one and our planet.

Project leaders have inspired us because of their longlasting commitment to a cause and because their projects carry many benefits: at a local scale for direct beneficiaries, at global scale for humankind as a whole. They demonstrate that caring for each of us can go along with caring for our common home – our planet Earth. In Europe, Amazonia or Africa, and many other regions in the world, human and ecological challenges are huge. To do our share, we act positively by supporting local players on the field who enable a definite change in people’s life by gaining a chance to fullfill their potential, and  by conveying optimism: sustainable development and human progress can be redefined by the strength of our hearts.


Hélène le Teno