Part of the NAOS shareholder foundation

An advanced social and societal model

Laying the foundations for a model that transcends the usual patterns of capitalist companies, NAOS bases its system of governance on a shareholder foundation.

The originality of the model is based on the separation of capital and decision-making power with a view to creating value and ensuring the sustainable development of all NAOS activities in a spirit of loyalty, fairness and independence.

This system of governance sanctifies the company, its cause and its purpose.

This model makes it possible to manage two types of activity:

– economic activities through its companies

– generous activities through an endowment fund.

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Jean-Noël THOREL
Founder of NAOS

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Alexandre DHUIÈGE
President of Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation

Our 3 missions

The common denominator of all our missions is the achievement of human potential…

– on the one hand, by promoting the development of social projects that enable people who are destitute and/or suffering from mental distress to find the means to live and achieve personal fulfilment

– secondly, by revealing talents so that they can be put to good use in a social or artistic project,

– finally, by encouraging the development of social projects of general interest in line with individual or collective dreams.

Acting for people and the planet

Weaving a strong link between the realisation of human potential and the ambition to take care of ourselves, others and the planet.

The people behind our projects inspire us by their long-term commitment and by the fact that their projects have many positive impacts, both for the direct individual beneficiaries and for humanity as a whole. In Europe, the Amazon and Africa in particular, the human and ecological challenges are immense: taking care of each individual also means taking care of our common home. We want to make a positive contribution by supporting the practical achievements of people on the ground, and by conveying a positive message that redefines the notion of development and progress in terms of the intelligence of the heart.

Hélène LE TENO
Operating Director of Jean-Noël Foundation