Contributing to the realisation of human potential

Contributing to the realisation

of human potential

Jean-Noël Thorel foundation

is part of the NAOS Shareholder Foundation.

The Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation endowment fund was created on 19 April 2014 by Jean-Noël Thorel.

On 20 June 2018, Jean-Noël Thorel and Céline Nebout endowed it with 100% of the assets of the Jean-Noël Thorel Institution, the parent company ensuring the governance and control of NAOS.

The founder’s aim was to set up an organization to help people realise their full potential and make the world a better place:

on the one hand, by promoting the development of social projects to enable people in need and/or suffering from mental distress to find the means to live and achieve personal fulfilment in line with their dreams,
and on the other hand, by helping people to discover their talents so that they can put them to good use in a social or artistic project.

The projects

"Enabling people who are suffering or in need
to make their dreams come true".

Jean-Noël Thorel


New call for projects

Rêves de vie’s annual call for projects will open on 11 July 2023! Submit your dream directly on the association’s website: