Rêves de vie

With Rêves de vie, we want to raise awareness:

That life is sometimes perceived as short but precisely beautiful and precious,

That it is possible to expand the universe of human achievements, for ourselves and for others, that dreams (like laughter) are perhaps what make us human – what characterises our humanity and differentiates us from machines or animality,

That everyone can find their own unique path to freedom and fulfilment,

That the dreams we all have for our lives form a constellation of stars, a community of souls that shine together.

Our ambition

To preserve the beauty of the world and our humanity, we believe that it is precious for everyone to be able to have a beautiful dream and to realise it in order to achieve their full potential in life.

With Rêves de vie, we offer a financial boost to people who have a beautiful dream, and we hope to contribute in this way to their happiness and the expression of their full human potential.

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They made their dream come true

Darline created "Solidarline", an eco-responsible sewing workshop in Nantes

Darline is 34 years old and has always had a passion for sewing. With a professional qualification (CAP, BEP and Bac Pro) in fashion, she has always dreamed of making a career out of it. Reluctantly, she had to put this dream on hold for several years. In 2021, she applied to the Rêves de vie call for projects and was able to open her first eco-responsible sewing workshop in Nantes.

Anne created "1000 vies", an intergenerational café in Saint-Genis Laval

We live in a society where everything moves too fast, and as soon as people are no longer professionally active, they no longer fit in. Anne wanted to recreate the virtuous circle of sociability by giving older people back a sense of usefulness and a zest for life, perpetuating social links, encouraging independence and prolonging autonomy. In 2021, she opened an intergenerational café in Saint-Genis Laval to create links between the generations.