Heart Leadership University

Heart Leadership University is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people develop their heart intelligence so that they can (re)find their alignment and make better decisions.

Our ambition

To provide a unique space for education, research and debate on leadership, with the aim of changing the way people think and creating a movement of pioneering leaders driven by the intelligence of the heart.

Trois axes d’action


Heart Leadership University includes an interdisciplinary, applied and independent research institute. Nous finançons ainsi plusieurs programmes de recherche autour de l’intelligence du cœur et la culture du pouvoir afin de réinventer le leadership et participer à l’accélération de la transformation des entreprises.

A (trans)training programme: From heart to action

A unique ‘hands-on, peer-to-peer’ learning path for leaders who want to establish a new relationship with themselves, their organisation and the planet.

Freely accessible resources

We provide you with a variety of resources (reading advice, web series, newsletter) to help you develop the intelligence of your heart.

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