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A new power for African villages


A new power for African villages

A holistic approach to development

Having spent decades in Africa, Thierry Reverchon, founder of Wazzaj, paves a new way for development of small villages in Sahel. He drafted a new process for designing, setting up and follow up of Sustainable Development Modules, that have 3 main features:

– Make a change by access to solar power in rural area and by involving women in the villages

– Solar Centers© are eco-designed. Made from recycled containers, they display a solar panel cover and are equiped with small scale workshops to locally produce and provide for basics needs of the population.

– A management commitee has been set up by inhabitants, and aims for economic autonomy – revenues generated together enable to cover futur cost of maintenance.

Positive impacts

– Access to solar power, clean water, internet for two villages in Burkina Faso

– New activities generating extra revenus to women, who are mostly farmers. D

– Trainings and co-management of the Solar Center

First pilots

Two pilots have been set up in the villages of Bazoulé and Pacala in Burkina Faso :

– Design of Solar Center EVO2 based on a prototype displayed by Wazzaj at Climate conference COP21

– Transfer of equipments on site, construction and training by volontary workers and local NGOs

– Movie production “Operation Burkina”

– Strengthening links with local manufacturers, schools, health equipments in Burkina

Wazzaj is an endemic magic seed, very small but acting like a droplet of water to extenguish fires burning in Sahel.