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Jobs for Tangaye
Human development for a prosperous village in the African Sahel


Action Médicale Nord-Sud

Hard life in Sahel

At Tangaye (Burkina Faso), it is a daily challenge to survive: desertification, food shortage and malnutrition, men who leave to work as gold panners and risk severe injuries …

To enable a brighter future to inhabitants, AMNS NGO has been offering for more than 10 years its support on the field together with local NGO Song Tabaa – that was created by villagers.


-Professional training for young people

-New services offered to villagers, new revenues

-Lower emigration rate

-Better health for mothers and children

-More social links and group projects

Learning new crafts

AMNS started its programme in Tangaye by enhancing health for both mother and children, then by building a house for youngsters, followed by training to proper agricultural techniques (agroforestry, Zai planting method, composting…). Having secured basics for health and livelihoods, the NGO is now working on human development, putting conditions in place for long lasting community welfare.

New programme in Tangaye include:

-training youg men and women to different crafts, providing apprenticeship for mechanical repair, welding, sewing, weaving

-building the workshop so that future craftsmen can settle down and open their business at Tangaye

-upgrading medical facilities of the village with solar power production, to be able to operate 24h, so that baby deliveries can happen with proprer light on, and no more with flahslights.

Additionnally, a group of NAOS coworkers offer their support as godfather and godmothers to a selection of women of Tangaye who experience severe difficulties (family life, financial means, health), so that all villagers -including babies and children – may have a brighter future.

By helping young ones to build their skills, our aim is that they will dream and invent their future at Tangaye.

Doctor Blanc - cofounder of AMNS