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Heart Leadership University
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Heart intelligence

Following this quote of Saint-Exupery writer « It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye », Jean-Noel Thorel is convinced that leaders of today and tomorrow should strengthen a core ability : the intelligence of their hearts.

At the crossroad between feelings, love, empathy, intuition, heart intelligence is key to make decisions that are not soleley based on what we consider as rational, logical grounds. Each of us possess this ability, but it can be developed and put in practice at work. It is a precious resource to preserve our humanity and to care for each and every one.

New challenges for humankind and for leaders

Massive and speedy expansion of economies and technologies, artificial intelligence, widening of inequalities – all of these may be of great concern for our common future. What could and should be the role of leaders – to shape a future that we may all dream of –  exploring new paths within this new era, fostering what is beautiful, good, genuine and fair – eventually hoping that we can strengthen our humanity instead of putting it at risk.

Designing together

Many executive, whether it be for themselves or to identify and develop talents fit to our future, state a need for new types of training programs that induce an indepthe change in individuals.

-what is known so far about heart intelligence

-how to make talent hiring easier – through programs designed to certify people who are ready to join positive impact business and benefit corportations ?

-how to put the intelligence of heart into practice and combine it with special skills suited to current challenges :  innovative marketing that cares for people, smart use of innovation and technologiques – from high tech to low tech, social innovation, sustainable finance, neurosciences and change management ?

To make sure that a new university will properly meets these needs,  we start and support a collective project that  will design and launch new programs to train and transform leaders for tomorrow.

It is vital that we learn to use the intelligence of our hearts.