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Rêves de vie
With “Rêves de vie”, meaning “Life dreams” in French, we want to help people get the strength and courage to be themselves.

Rêves de vie

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With “Rêves de vie”, meaning “Life dreams” in French, we want to help people make their dream come true. To preserve beauty and humanity, it is absolutely vital to keep dreaming and make projects for the future.

We all have dreams, however for this first call for projects we have kept two specific criteria to submit a dream:

-You are suffering (mentally or physically), and have been in a difficult situation for a while or it has been increased with the sanitary crisis;

-AND/OR you have a dream to help make a difference in other people’s lives, in society, or for the environment.



With “Rêves de vie” we want to raise awareness on the fact that :


  • Life might be short, but wonderful and precious;
  • It is possible to extend human realizations, for ourselves and for others;
  • That dreaming, as well as laughing, is what makes us human;
  • That each and everyone of us can find our way to freedom and fulfillment;
  • That all of our dreams are like stars, forming constellations and shining together.

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My dream is simply to make other people happy

Jean-Noël THOREL